Scooterists Forever!


"-Lemmy of Motorhead famously referred to them as ‘hairdryers.’ To him and his ilk, they are whining little machines whose performance an attitude are a joke compared to the brawn and substance of the classic piece of English Iron. Hundreds "

Vincent Black Shadow: Fantasy Ride


"The Vincent Black Shadow is famous for a lot of reasons. Released in the late-40s, into an era of post-war austerity, it was groundbreaking, intimidating and fast enough to turn a pilot’s eyelids inside out. It made such "

God’s Speed: Bike Culture Documented


" Ok, you're back at work and the bread and butter realities of everyday life are emerging from the frost of a new year. What better way to escape the humdrum, then, than to treat yourself to a visual feast and "

The Electric TT: The Answer or a Chancer?


"The 2010 eGrandPrix race season has been announced. It will now culminate with a championship race organized by the European Motorcycle Union at Spain's Albacete circuit. The date has yet to be announced, but the addition of this championship gives the "

Agni: Is This the future of Bike Racing?


"The Lowdown Anglo-Indian company Agni manufactures DC motors in India that are used mainly to power go-karts for indoor tracks. "We entered the race to promote the motors," designer Cedric Lynch says. The TTX organizers put Agni in touch with "

Got Wood?


" Over the weekend we had the good fortune to stumble upon some amazing ancient footage from the earliest days of American motorsport, thanks to a very interesting blogsite the Jockey Journal. Imagine the noise and the reverberation of those incredible "

Twin-Pot Dictatorships


"Although Germany is not synonymous with passionate success in biking or motorsport, the fact is that motorcycle knowledge, know-how and technology introduced by German companies has been exported to every corner of the planet. We gathered together fifteen of the "

New Book on the Cult of Café Racer

Bikes Culture

" Of all the publishing houses dedicated to culture of cars and bikes, Veloce is surely the most prolific. This time, they've come up with something no bike obsessive and consumer of culture will be able to resist. Alastair Walker's book "

Buell: Harley Davidson Commits Infanticide


" The message that Harley-Davidson killed its sporting sub brand Buell broke to shocked yank bike loving global community last week. In response, Harley CFO John Olin told the press recently "We have not quantified the benefits of increased focus on ["

Manx TT: Ten Things You (might not) Know


"1. The Isle of Man TT began in 1907, after a law was cleared in 1904 that allowed roads to be closed for the Gordon Bennett car trials. 2. When the race first started practice sessions used to take place in the early morning "

Italian Motorcycles: Winds of Passion


" Rich Beach explores the Italian penchant for two wheeled style Passion. Italians have it in spades. In fact, where we are all made of 3/4 water, the Italians are 75% pure passion. Passion flows through everything they do, from throwing a dish "

The Honda Motra


" Is it just me, or does the idea of going hang gliding equipped with only a rugged little bike like the Honda Motra seem strangely appealing? Produced just between the years of 1982-1983, the cool little tough roader was amazingly "

Two Strokes and a Scandal


" Anyone who has had the nerve-jangling, adrenalin inducing pleasure of twisting a fiery two stroke-driven bike through the power band will attest to the fact that the noble and threatened form is far superior to the relatively plodding four stroke. "