Citroën 2CV Prototype

"Few individual cars have inspired such love, devotion and geekery than the Citroën 2CV. As so many of you will know the tiny details of how this car came to be, I won’t try to define things. We "

MG Metro 6R4


"Group B rally inspired an entire generation to max the horsepower from their accessible little runabout. And of all the mentalist classics that received the Group B makeover in the early-mid eighties, none was as unlikely or appealing than the "

Tony Pond – blue collar rally legend

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"We always loved the very idea of Tony Pond. The British rally driver, born in Hillingdon in 1946, always encapsulated a specific sort of blue collar derring-do – one that was very English and very of the period. Though he lacked the "

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale

"If you liked your Cavali distinctly Latin in temperament, then the Lancia Delta S4 Stradale was the ultimate in musky Italian testosterone. Lancia built the obligatory 200 road-going versions of the S4 Group B monster - and we reckon of ALL "

Land Rover Hot Rod


"All images Via Larry Chen/Speedhunters When we spotted this Land Rover hot rod recently on the excellent SPEEDHUNTERS we thought we had to share. The Land Rover has been a talisman since its inception after the war - but "

Geneva Motor Show: Ford Fiesta S-T 200


"It's Geneva time of year again. And while the main bulk of the automotive world is agog at the latest crossover launched by a premium brand - from Aston Martin to Maserati and everything between, we're interested in a hot "

Ferris Fest and a Ferrari

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"This festival malarky has gone a little bonkers. And none more so than Ferris Fest. Yes, this is a gathering dedicated the unlikely cult of the 1986 teen film by John Hughes, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Or is it that unlikely? "

Brough Superior SS100


"Brough Superior might be one of the most venerated bike brands in the history of motorcycling. But is the brand’s reboot just another high-end custom house taking the mickey with the prices it charges for a build? When the "

Renault-Alpine Vision Concept


"Renault has announced that it will formally revive its Alpine performance brand next year with an all-new Alpine A110 sports car closely related to this concept, the Alpine Vision. It's a mid-engined two-seat coupé making its public debut at the 2016 "

Speed Sisters Film

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"Speed Sisters, a documentary on a group of Palestinian women who have discovered a kind of transcendence through their love of street racing, is coming to your screens next month. Life on the occupied West Bank is no doubt tough, "

Mick Ofield Art

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"You may have come across Mick Ofield’s work in the lovely Sideburn mag. Mick is the artist who draws these lovely schematic blueprints in the best 'Ride Fast, Turn Left' magazine in the world. But in an idle moment "