Porsche, Martini and the Mulsanne Straight


"We've waxed lyrical about the beauty of the Porsche-Martini collaboration before. But this morning on our usual webly wandering we came across this adrenalin-infused onboard sequence with a 1977 Le Mans pilot and his Porsche-Martini Spyder. Check out the 200mph plus "

The Magnum Ferrari

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"If you were a friend of Thomas Magnum you’d probably have lent him money at some point. Even the famous Ferrari he drove was borrowed. But in this case life didn’t mirror art. In fact, Tom Selleck reversed "

Kojak’s Buick

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"Who loves ya baby?! Anyone bought up with long, boring Sunday afternoons in the 1970s will recognise those four little words instantly. TV cop Kojak's catchphrase wasn't the only reason for the shows enduring appeal. Hollywood tough guy Telly Savalas's "

Citroen SAXO: Likely Lads

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"Whatever happened to the likely lads? Meet the Citroen Saxo. You know, the Max Power generation? The Red Line Magazine monkeys. The boys and girls tinkering and tweaking and representing down in the car park of your local rec; lapping "

Citroen Camargue Concept


"Citroen's 1972 Concept was about as typical as it got for the period. All the signature Bertone touches of the era are there - the sloping surfaces, flattened perspectives. There are louvred vents on the rear pillars. There is the minimalist "

Janis Joplin: Psychedelic Porsche

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"Janis Joplin was a deeply committed, electrifying soul singer who took no prisoners and left everything on stage. She died at 27, failing like so many other sons and daughters of rock'n'roll, to negotiate the treacherous reef that exists out there "

The Persuaders: Aston Martin DBS

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"The Persuaders is lodged somewhere deep in our childhood memory. The music after all was composed by John Barry - what more is there to say? Those mystic chords wrought in an intense early synth burn an atmosphere of louche "

Nash Rambler Rebel


"The Intermediate-Sized Performance Car. Doesn't sound as Sexy as 'Muscle Car' does it? But even though the original Mad Men of the US advertising industry missed a neat moniker trick initially, the Nash Rambler Rebel is considered by many to "

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans

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"We recently stumbled upon the trailer for the forthcoming documentary on the making of Steve McQueen's 1970 passion project Le Mans. If you're reading this you probably know a fair bit about the story. It was a madly complex production shot "

Stumpf: Honda CB160E


"Do we care about the laws of physics? When it comes to industrial design, Newton's laws are fairly key. But in the world of designer James Stumpf - these scientific trifles are secondary to aesthetics. And we have to applaud "