Wilzig Racing Manor

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"OK. So you sell your financial business for a little under a billion dollars. You're a bit of a petrolhead. What do you do? You build a race track in your back yard, of course. John Wilzig is such a "

Triumph TR6


"It doesn't seem possible. But it's true. My first car was a Triumph TR6. It made no sense. And it was perfectly logical. Call it a 17 year old's stupidity. Call it a twisted romance motored by the yellow Stag my "

Porsche 911 Concept


"Hold off on the anger, or excitement, as this 911 rethink comes from the pen of Pasadena design student and not from a Porsche employee. Turkish designer Ege Arguden does know his way around a German design department though, having done "

Porsche 928: The Movie Star Car

Cars Culture

"Think Porsches in films. There must be loads right? But try to bring them to mind, or worse put them on paper, and suddenly they seem thin on the celluloid ground. Easily the most memorable is not a 911 but its "

Goodbye, Pork Pie: Mini

Cars Culture

"This is quite possibly the most politically incorrect road movie ever made. Coming straight out of 1981 New Zealand, what would you expect? The story goes like this: ne'erdowell Gerry from the North Island hires a yellow mini using a stolen "

Lego X Toyota Land Cruiser

Cars Culture

"Do you reckon Lego should make a production version of this amazing little classic Toyota Land Cruiser? Of course you do. And you can vote for it here. The Land Cruiser model project, made from over 1,700 individual pieces, was the "

Yamaha Yard Built


"It's been well-documented that the mainstream bike industry have been looking to the custom scene for a while now for ideas. Thing is, Yamaha's 'yard-built' programme has been out there and supporting small builders and helping to produce really attractive "

Lexus x Star Wars


"OK, so this post is little more than an excuse to share an epicly cool Star Wars graphic. But the imagined tech behind not only the Landspeeder used by Luke Skywalker, but of course the hoverboard that appeared in Back "

How to Create a Desert Sled


"The Desert Sled. Three little words that evoke romance in many a motorcyclist's mind. You can't help but picture golden California sunsets, freedom, sex, love and Bud Ekins. But how do you get your bog-standard Triumph Bonneville into the right "

The Boss Mustang


"The Boss Mustang was the daddy Mustang. It might not be as pretty as the lighter ponies, but the 'Stang with extended everything, which was introduced in 1969, was the the star of the early seventies show. The longer, wider, beefier "

Syd Mead: Auto-Futurist

People Culture

"Syd Mead is a self-created industry. He deals in colour, line and imagination - and his vision of an automotive future has seen his work featured in films like Blade Runner, Tron and Johnny Mnemonic. But we just dig the "

Speedway Evolution

"A simple frame. Direct drive. Wide bars. Tiny tank. The fundamentals of a speedway bike have changed as little as the art of the oval itself. Here are nine bikes from nine decades. Can you spot the changes? [gallery link=""

Dirt Quake IV is HERE!

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"In case you hadn't noticed, there's a lot to be said for the simple joy of racing a motorbike around an oval dirt track. While the noble sport of speedway may be the root of these things, the shale is "