Bravo Alfa!


" It’s common knowledge that to own an Alfa is a right of passage for every passionate lover of cars. Exactly why that is held to be a universal truth is not so easy to explain. Apart from their historical "

Six Wheels Good


" Anyone who was a child in the 1970s can testify to the cultural import of The Thunderbirds. It wasn't just the dashing derring-do of Scott, Virgil and the rest of the Tracy brothers that got little boys frothing with desire "

Tell me again: who killed the electric car?


" The controversy surrounding the ill-fated EV-1, the electric car that General Motors launched with much fanfare in 1996, seems a little long-in-the-tooth for these days of environmental and economic apocalypse. But isn't it worth re-addressing the conspiracy theories? Could it be "

Glamour Wrought in Steel

Cars Culture

" One of the perfect things about classic cars is that unlike the human body, or a loved one's face, they retain the glamour they were born with. That glamour may oscillate in intensity, and the nature of that glamour alter "

1969 Redux


" 1969. There was something in the air. Forty years ago the tectonic plates of history were grinding each upon each. Man was landing on the moon whilst the Vietnam war had taken a turn for the worst after the Tet Offensive. "

Porsche GT for Four


" Yesterday Porsche for the first time presented the interior concept of their forthcoming four door GT the Panamera. The long awaited challenge to the upper echelons of the saloon market is due to go on sale in the UK from 12 "

The Billionaire Boys Club


" Somewhere in the deep lying recesses of your mind where there are no boundaries to things and no constraints to your indulgence you drive a Spyker. The cars made by the Dutch company, which was resurrected in the nineties by "

Progress is Beauty


"In terms of marketing, cars are not quite as much of a blank page as soft drinks. They have corporeal presence. They stick around – sometimes for decades. Over the span of their useful lives, they come to occupy the popular "

Gran Torino: The Movie


" Something is happening out there. It’s obvious that with the increasing environmental pressures facing the planet – and the regulatory regimes being put in place the world over to attempt to curtail the internal combustion engine’s contribution to climate "

The Evil Genius of ATVs


" The passion for motor vehicles starts early. Little kids love to push toy vehicles around, projecting their dreams through their fingertips. Kids' TV hammers that passion home. Forty years ago this was done by shows like Captain Scarlet and The "

The Honda Super Cub


"Of all the vehicles in all the nations in all the continents of the entire world, there is none as ubiquitous as the Honda Super Cub. Better known in the UK as the C-series (C50, C70 and C90) and here "

English Blood, Finnish Soul


" It was a Saturday morning. Dickie Davies was leaning forward, staring intensely at the camera, bedecked in silver flash hair do and decked out in a sports coat of turquoise polyester. You could almost smell the Old Spice on him. "