BMW 700: Poodle Friendly Motoring

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" Michelotti was a populist alright. The BMW 700 LS had all the everyman appeal of its Netherlandish cousin the DAF Variomatic, and resembled the Italian designer's Triumph project the Herald. First produced in 1959, the BMW 700 LS was one of the industrial "

Datsun 240Z Neo Retro Rendering


" Ok, so the yanks did well out of the reissue of their signature muscle cars. Neo retro rendering of classics have obviously got a big potential market out there. They tap into that dollar bill that presumes that the first-editions "

Mclaren’s MP4-12C Online


" Anyone with even a passing interest in cars can't help but have noticed that the MP4-12C Mclaren's new road car project and replacement for the near mythical super-steed the F1 has hit media portals with full effect. The "

Even More Banned Car Ads

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"It's beginning to get rather fun spotting auto ads that will never run. This gruesome tale from the twisted minds of the Norwegian Motorcycle Union sums up what hardcore bikers believe to be their dehumanisation at the hands of bike-hating "

Lancia Fulvia: Our 21st Favourite


"[gallery ids="6985,30713,37911"] After agonising for ages on wether the Lancia Fulvia Coupé should be in our top twenty list of all time Italian cars, we've decided to include it as our 21st favourite. Never let it be said that we "

The Scuderia Chronicles


"[gallery=67] Tony Dodgins on Ferrari's unique motorsport heritage Ferrari is the most evocative name in Formula 1 and the most passionately supported team the world over. Ever present since the beginning of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in 1950, Ferrari has won 15 "

Mille Miglia: A Fatal Attraction


" Ben Oliver on the road race that created Italian automotive passion in its own image You are a driver in the Mille Miglia in the 1950s. You have been racing for fourteen hours now, stopping only to take on fuel "

Homage to Zagato


" Though Zagato is one of the most controversial automotive styling houses of the twentieth century, we think you will enjoy some of the most interesting and beautiful of the carrozerria's creations. [gallery=65 link="file" columns="2"]"

An Italian Obsession in The Garden of England


" "People just like 500s. We drove down to Italy for the 500's anniversary _ everyone was smiling and waving" What is it that makes Italian cars so special? Liz Seabrook asked the question at the Italian Car Picnic at Honnington Gardens. ["

Integrale: Everyman Supercar


" In 1987 Lancia launched in the first Delta Integrale a car that cost the same as a high-end Rover but could run down a Porsche 911. Speed freaks of that much maligned decade were afroth. The Integrale represented brilliant bang for bucks. "

The Strange (Morris) Traveller


" Some of you may recognise John Issac from this scandalous shot taken this weekend at the Bellyboard World Championships at Cornwall's Chapel Porth beach. John is a legendary Cornubian classicist. He is a lover of old cars, old surfboards, and "

Car Art: A Dirty Imagination

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" Artist Scott Wade has taken the mischievous art of scrawling on shockingly filthy rear windows to another level. In an inspired series of dirty doodles he has come up with a cool way to keep the neighbours envious: turn According "