Murcielago Schmurcielago


" Lamborghini released late last week the first photographs of a limited edition Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster. This hyper-exclusive hyper-roadster will include an uprated 6.5 litre V12 engine that produces 650 hp, along with permanent four-wheel drive. With 660 Nm of torque, performance "



" It used to be that modifying cars meant extracting as much horsepower and visceral outrageousness as possible out of the steel and oil of a motor car. Since the early days of custom culture and drag racing at Bonneville, it "

Mclaren Gets Viral


"The F1 hype machine has well and truly cranked into life with the forthcoming season on the horizon. And in the true spirit of corporate collaboration, Vodaphone has teamed up with Lewis Hamilton and company to produce this clever piece "

San Diego to Santa Pod


" In 2005 Dreams of Legends, charted definitively Hot Rodding's place in popular culture. With each message of resource-depletion and angst about a petrol-free future, the world it that gave it birth looks more exotic and less easy to understand. It's an "

Audi Returns to the Oceans – Under Water Concept


" Design is all about evolution. In cars, the motorised carriage evolved into two, then three rectangular boxes. Following the process of natural selection in which the fittest designs survived, the three boxes where ironed out, organic forms replacing the angles "

Counterfeit Cars


" It's almost a cliché these days. Everybody knows that the Chinese are brilliant at reinterpreting Western technology and making it better than the original. In the same way that the postwar Japanese produced out of the ashes a world-dominating car "

AMC Pacer: Shakin’ dat (American) Ass

Cars Culture

" The American Motor Company, which came up with the highly attractive AMX GT concept in 1968, the shooting brake-style lines of which informed a generation of nearly-classic, never-quite-made-it American motors, was always troubled company. Why? It tried to bring innovative concepts "

Geneva 4 The Unveiling of (Another) Green Supercar


"The theme is clear at Geneva this year. Supercar platforms with the capability to run a variety of propulsion systems and fuels. The watchwords are technology, Innovation, efficiency and loads of other near incomprehensible technological terms that nobody has ever "

Geneva_3_Frazer Nash & Fabrizio Giugiaro


" Yet another rebirth of a brand: this time classic British marque Frazer-Nash. Behold the striking Namir (Arabic for Tiger), which has been unveiled today at Geneva. It's a hybrid electric with a 814cc endothermic rotary engine (whatever that means) with "

Geneva 2009 Spotlights Great Design


"Despite the near universal gloom purveyed in the mainstream media, and daily apocalyptica emanating from commentary on the auto industry, the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors to press today. Early dispatches point to a predictably hair-shirt-like attitude in the "

The French Touch


" You have to hand it to Renault. Though they’ve had only mixed success in both the worlds of motorsport and production cars over the last few years, they keep on coming up with cars that look stunning and drive "

The Dreams of a Little Cortina


" It was a scorcher the day my Grandad picked up his new car. He had been telling me stories at bedtime about the little Cortina for what seemed my entire life. He would make up adventures for the cheeky little "