Reliant Robin


"There used to be certain ‘types’ who drove Reliant Robin three-wheelers. There were huge, hairy bikers who wanted something that kept the weather out and could be driven on a motorcycle license. Then there were tiny, often toothless pensionable men "

Mazda K360 – three wheeled evolution


"The Mazda K360 truck may not look very evolutionary at first glance. But look beyond the lack of wheels, and you’ll find a smartly designed tiny truck that offered reliable (and dry!) transportation to the masses. It also influenced "

Bubblecars and Microcars

Cars Culture

"I’ll be totally honest and say that I didn’t know much about bubblecars before making this film. In fact, all I really knew was that they were something to with Messerschmitt the plane people, and possibly didn’t "

June Calendar Car – Alpine


"Lucky recipients of a 2019 Influx calendar enjoyed thirty days of this blue beauty - here's a bit more information about this particular Alpine A110 from the owner himself:  "The car is a sought-after original Alpine A110 1600s from 1971, built in "

Portofino – Highland Fling


"Does any name capture the romance of driving a classic GT car better than Portofino? Not only is it a deliciously Italian word to pronounce – gliding down the tongue like a fresh scoop of gelato – but the title of Ferrari’"



"Very few people can claim to have owned a road-legal spaceship. As it happens, I'm one of them. Okay, okay, it wasn't really a spaceship, though it definitely had an otherworldly air to its appearance. And it did produce occasional "

Twilight over the Humber


"On the back of a quiet industrial estate in Hull, you can find treasure. There, lying dormant in a large warehouse lie more than 20 classic cars, cars that were constructed to be the very best machines of their day. Cars "

All the Fun of the Fare


"The Mini. The Routemaster bus. Ten years ago, Royal Mail released a set of ten British design classic stamps. Along with the pair of four-wheeled idols were the deities of the skies, Concorde and the Spitfire. But one British transport "

A Pye for design

Cars Bikes People Culture

"We couldn't help but chat bikes when we spoke to Mal Pye about his art, and it turns out he's a true motor fan, so we ended up ogling his four-wheeled work too. Influx: Hi Mal. Why cars and bikes? "

Flat out in Hyundai’s R5 rally car

Cars People

"Forget Formula 1, with its narcolepsy-inducing races and prima donna drivers. For pure, undiluted motorsport, rallying remains the king. Real roads, brutally fast cars and an almost infinite range of conditions make it a very different challenge to the sterile world "

Hillclimb Monsters


"Let’s start with the shock and awe. Del Quigley slips behind the wheel of a single seat racer and rips from a standstill to 160mph. 740 bhp kicks from an oversized V8 and throws 450kg down the runway. The data "

Helmet painting – Rennat Design

Cars Bikes Culture

"This time around we’re featuring helmets – and these safety devices are more than just practical, they’re art. More than that, for a professional race driver or rider they’re also their trademarks – their identities whilst their faces are "

2019 Indy 500


"How hard can it be to drive in circles for 500 miles? Ask two-time F1 world champion and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Fernando Alonso. Oh, that’s right. You can’t. Because he didn’t even qualify to race. [caption id="" "