PitStop – Morgan B&B

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"Hotels are like restaurant food. You can go for the McBurger end of the market: cheap, easily available and utterly flavourless. You wake up in a bed identical to those stocked by equivalent outlets all across the world, with a "

Ford Ecosport


"You lot who know me here on Influx won’t be surprised to learn that I really, really didn’t like the last generation of the Ford Ecosport. Actually, I hated it. So, when Ford sent me an invite to "

Remembering the Morris Marina

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"My dad had a sky-blue Marina estate. No doubt it went to the crusher years ago, but I still remember its registration – CNG 453T. It was a 1.3-litre series three model, built in 1979 and bought from Mann Egerton (remember them?) "

BMW 2000CS – Forgotten beauty?


"Having been involved with BMW for nigh-on 30 years in one capacity or another (yes, I know this makes me officially old) it’s often a surprise to me how some models just don’t really seem to capture the imagination "

2018 must-see

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"2018 is upon us and the anticipation for many motor racing series to have exciting years is already building. There are lots of races taking place, and some immediately stand out. There will also be high-profile names making starts at some, "

The collection of Umberto Panini

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"It’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of Umberto Panini. Ok, perhaps the surname rings a bell. After all, the Panini publishing company is rather famous, Giuseppe - our friend Umberto’s brother - founded the company that is renowned "

2017 Highlights

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"As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrate our most exciting, engaging and fun year to date. A year that saw incredible highs with a visit to the largest collection of MX-5s in the world, spending time with alt-fuel cars "

Move Over Cortina, Sierra’s Here


"They say the past is a foreign country. It’s true; it is so far away that it seems almost unreal. Certainly, the '80s seem like I dreamt the decade. Especially the early part of that era. Well, I "

McLaren Super Series


"McLaren is the UK’s fastest expanding car firm. Since it injected lots of money into making supercars a few years back, the Surrey-based company has produced some of the most desirable vehicles in the world. McLaren can now go "

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: A Mountain to Climb?


"8C, Disco Volante, the BAT cars, Giulia, GTA, Spider, 33 Stradale, Alfasud, and Arna (OK, perhaps not the last one). Thumb though Alfa Romeo’s rich and colourful catalogue of past models and you’ll find cars of automotive legend. Beautiful "

Matra: Sports Car Innovators


"Which company won the European F2 Championship, F1 World Championship (drivers and constructors), 24 Heures du Mans, the World Sportscar Championship, built its own racing V12 engine AND was involved in the production, first as a supplier then as a manufacturer, "