MZR Datsun 240Z


"Enthusiasm and passion are marketing buzz words that tend to get thrown around about the most unlikely of subjects these days, but speaking to Rahail Tariq of MZR – the company responsible for the gorgeous Datsun 240z you see in this "

Miura: Ghostly beginnings of the supercar


"The Lamborghini Miura is almost a ghostly presence in the motoring world. Vanishingly rare, closer to VE Day than it is to us, it was the first, true, modern supercar. The first mid-engined car designed for road, not for race. "

Cold War classics and British curiosities


"Peter Frost is a walking, talking encyclopaedia of the rare, the obscure and the unconventional vehicles to have come from behind the Iron Curtain. From Tatras to Trabants, and Wartburgs to Zaporozhets, his collection of Cold War classics is unrivalled "

Bernina GT

Cars Culture

"These are the Engadine and Valposchiavo, Swiss valleys, famous for Saint Moritz, the world of skiing and the alpine pass roads open all year. All year except the last weekend of September, when the Bernina Gran Turismo takes place: a 5.7"

Buying a Porsche 996? a cautionary tale


"I have just sold my troubled and troublesome Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. So the front cover of October’s Octane magazine wasn’t exactly welcome in my house: “BARGAIN 911. Why the Porsche 996 is the ‘one to buy’ right now.” To be "

Jag’s F-Type now has a fjord engine


"There will be a certain set of locations which your mind has pre-packaged as appropriate for the handover of a set of key for a Jaguar F-Type. That low, lean, luscious shape lends itself to the steps of the Hotel "

25 Years of the Honda Civic Type-R


"Commemorating 25 years of the Fireblade and Type R at Rockingham in Northamptonshire recently, Honda gave us the chance to ride Fireblades, as well as drive the Civic Type R, the Integra and the Accord. We’ve already told you about "

New Nissan X-Trail


"This is a bit of a change of pace, isn’t it? Normally my job here at Influx Magazine is to write about rare, sporty, exotic, and even sometimes historical machines. I get to gush over beautiful styling, incredible performance "