Classic bike festivals – Born Free 4

Bikes Culture

" This weekend in California saw the latest edition of a new kind of bike festival. The Born-Free show is about the love of old motorcycles and like minded individuals having a good time together and enjoying classic and custom bikes. "

Is this the Ultimate Driving Music?


" It's an often debated subject, but we think we recently stumbled across what must be THE ultimate highway driving tune. Krautrock supergroup Can might not be everyone's cup of Java, but on a particularly wet, particularly clear night highway earlier "

Art, Stars & Cars by Markus Haub


" Images Markus Haub/Speedstar Gallery We stumbled across the work of Markus Haub this morning whilst mooching about on one of our favourite blogs of the French pursuasion, Le Container. Amid the world of cars and art there are a "

Indonesia’s Scooter Extremists


" photographs: Ed Wray /HUCK magazine The fine folks at HUCK MAGAZINE managed to scoop us on a freaky greasy scene we haven't heard of this week. Their latest issue contains a great piece on – of all things – the custom scooter "

Apollo 15, Corvette and the Lunar Rover…


" Having been a small infant at the brief, fleeting years of the Apollo space programme, the moon landings are a hazy physical memory for me, but an object of passionate interest. So when one stumbles on some archive material related "

BMW 8 Series

Cars Culture

" The 8 Series BMW never really took off, but we're not sure why. Aimed at a more aspirational, higher-end market than the 6 series, its design, without the 'B' pillar and with that unusually raked front end with popups was slippery and "

Classic car club – Asphalt Heritage

Cars Culture

" Photographs: Asphalt Heritage We've been stalking the guys at Asphalt Heritage Club online for years now. Though we're not lucky enough to live in France - where this collective of aficionados of automotive authenticity reside and organise road trips, track "

Missing In Action

People Culture

" The artist known as MIA is pretty controversial. The Londoner with a Sri Lankan heritage has always polarised opinion, mixing up musical and creative influences from everywhere, and messing generally with the field of expectations and images. The video below "

PRPS & Car Culture

Cars Culture

" image PRPS A lot of people out there are understandably dubious about the connections between car culture and fashion. This video, though, is really worth a look. Donwan Harrell is a car nut and creator of PRPS, a high end "

Kandy Koloured Dreams

Cars Culture

"Late last year I flew into Los Angeles to report a story on southern California's unique, vibrant, influential car culture. Nearly half a century earlier a slightly more talented writer did the same thing. Tom Wolfe, who would go on "

We Come from Garageland

Bikes Culture

"image via Bike Exif Three-chords, crap equipment, not much talent, lots of enthusiasm. Young men and women have been in garage bands since skiffle was The Next Big Thing, but it was only during the wave of 1977 punk that the "