Solifuge Design


" Shout out to the guys over at Bike Exif for these brilliant renders from Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov. Ranging from Phillip K Dick stype futurism to the Neo-Retro avaiation-automotive crossover, there's something charcateristically russian about the designs. We reckon Smolyanov "

More (German) Cutaway Love.


" In our current bout of obsession with all things vannish and practical we stumbled this morning across yet more beautiful graphic goodness focussed on the split screen microbus. Nothing really to say about this apart from how gobsmackingly stylish these "

A California state of mind….

Cars Culture

" David Hockney saw it. From the perspective of a grim English town in the fifties, the grey wash flattening and unifying everything you saw into dreary monochrome, California looked special. He may have been only looking at Black and White "

The Professionals

Cars Culture

"There are plenty of people who think that Laurie Johnson’s instantly recognisable, utterly seventies, wah-wah and brass theme tune for The Professionals was the best thing about it, and that every episode went rapidly downhill from there. But the "

Hot Rod Exploitation

Cars Culture

" The history of the hot rod scene is of course intertwined with that of rock'n'roll. And at the end of the fifties, when teen rebellion was being packaged as yet another consumer decision of the chrome clad American dream, hollywood "



" It seems like the greasier portions of the blogosphere have caught onto this like a mullet to a hand-line over the last couple of days. But we want to share it because it is so lovely. Take a bunch of "

Angouleme Onboard


" full set of images from Ian Wilson here. Every September vintage and classic racers gather in the historic hillside town of Angouleme, which straddles the beautiful Charente River. At the hub of the town is an amazing 12th century cathedral, "

The Hunter


" As you may have gathered we're McQueen geeks. We like to regularly share a dose of cultural artefacts that feature the great man - and by now we've worked lots of angles on the king of cool. But for some "

John Rawlings

People Culture

"[gallery link="file"] All images © John Rawlings/Condé Naste Photographer John Rawlings was one of a pod of key creative photographers employed by publishing house Condé Naste in the fifties. Along with luminaries like Irving Penn, to create in the "

National Lampoon’s Roadtrip

Cars Culture

" There's something about the great American road. It's always been an arena of mythic adventures, tortured mishaps and, if you're lucky, hilarious comedy. And the comedy doesn't get much more hilarious than that dreamt up by Chevy Chase. His National "

Durango 95… Proper Horrorshow

Cars Culture

"[gallery link="file"] There's a bit of an accidental filmic mini theme emerging this week. So for Friday's offering meet the The Probe, star of Stanley Kubrick's epoch making film "A Clockwork Orange" . This special low slung piece of period "

Drive: the movie


" This Friday Nicolas Winding Refn's new movie Drive is due for UK release. Refn won best director at this year's Cannes film festival for the slick existential thriller, which is a riff on Jean Pierre Melville's 1967 classic le Samourai- the "

Moon Shines


" In case you’ve been buried under a rock these past years, you can’t help have noticed that there’s a real Hot Rod revival going on, with vintage events cropping up all over the place. Core festivals like "