Kott Custom Culture


" What follows is a really nice short film about the philosophy, practice and approach of LA-based custom bike builders Kott. There's an increasing number of these sorts of passionate engineering houses stripping away the crap and breathing new life into "

A Man and a Woman


" Not sure, but it's a fair bet that not many of you out there would have come across this stunningly original, intriguingly existential film from the brilliant imagination of Claude Lelouch. Lelouch, you may remember is the director of another "

The Ubiquity of Belstaff

Bikes Culture

" Now we kind of dig the whole Belstaff thing. Because over all other ways of wearing motorcycle gear, the classic lines of the brand's products are probably the least offensive. You can ride a motorbike in a Belstaff, be protected "

Goodwood & the Joy of Hills


" We love hill climbing. Simple format; there’s a track up a hill - you have to be quickest. Unlike gridded wheel-to-wheel racing, there are no tactics, no strategies available and no one to show you the way. It's just "

BMW by Sandro Chia

Cars Culture

"[gallery link="file"] We've blathered on at length here as to wether or not cars can ever be in and of themselves works of art - most people who care about cars - who are interested in them at any "

Fast Five Director Speaks!

Cars Culture

" Recently having had the experience of sitting through the latest edition of the Fast & Furious franchise with a roomful of children between the ages of five and nine, I was intrigued as to why this high-revving explosion-fest appealed to "



"[vimeo][/vimeo] Now we love our motors. And we love our HD video. And we love our soul music. But whoever is responsible for this webbified conjunction of three of our favourite things is either REALLY in "

Rebel Bikers?

People Culture

"Leather jacket and jeans. The motorcycle rider’s default setting. Motorcyclists have been wearing leathers since their machines developed enough power to bother a rice pudding’s epidermis. The cowhide and denim combo became a global ‘rebel’ uniform, however, after "

Custom Culture and Conspiracy Theories

Bikes Culture

" all pictures Wrenchmonkees Via Bike Exif There are people out there who believe in the theory of dispersed and spontaneous, simultaneous evolution. The theory goes, roughly, that mankind on the grandest scale is passing through huge cycles of time - "

Analogue Lifestyle

Cars Culture

" Ok. Digital was cool. Back in 1978. You could pretend you were Buzz Aldrin with the soft red glow of that Timex on your wrist. You could believe that getting rid of the dials on your timepiece meant that you were "

What is the Cool?


" This weekend, after a wet and windy saturday afternoon session in front of The Thomas Crown Affair (yes, a very blokey indulgence between rugby matches), we set to thinking that why, exactly, is Steve McQueen so 'cool' and what, exactly "

Once a Jolly Swag Man


" Once a Jolly Swag Man, the 1949 film directed by Brit bred Aussie emigre Jack Lee has all the stoney monochrome credibility of the best Ealing films. Throw in a subtle but dashing performance by Dirk Bogarde to the mix - "

HWY: An American Pastoral


" In our constant trawl of the archives to find fresh and interesting material on the mythology of the road trip, we recently came up with this obscure but spookily resonant flick. HWY: An American Pastoral is a 50 minute experimental piece "