Kandy Koloured Dreams

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"Late last year I flew into Los Angeles to report a story on southern California's unique, vibrant, influential car culture. Nearly half a century earlier a slightly more talented writer did the same thing. Tom Wolfe, who would go on "

We Come from Garageland

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"image via Bike Exif Three-chords, crap equipment, not much talent, lots of enthusiasm. Young men and women have been in garage bands since skiffle was The Next Big Thing, but it was only during the wave of 1977 punk that the "

Rhythm Riot!


"Photography John Isaac/Magneto The long, lonely stretch of road that is Camber Sands is the sort of place you'd usually hurry through to more pleasant pastures such as nearby Rye. Unless, that is, you're holidaying at the massive Pontins "

Strange Fruit

People Culture

" All images Emile Kozak Emile Kozac is a prolific creative type. He photographs strange, absences, landscapes where the captured flies fleetingly by and then disappears. He documents normal things that through the lens become strange, even extraordinary. The Barcena based "

Solifuge Design

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" Shout out to the guys over at Bike Exif for these brilliant renders from Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov. Ranging from Phillip K Dick stype futurism to the Neo-Retro aviation-automotive crossover, there's something characteristically Russian about the designs. We reckon Smolyanov "

More (German) Cutaway Love.


" In our current bout of obsession with all things vannish and practical we stumbled this morning across yet more beautiful graphic goodness focussed on the split screen microbus. Nothing really to say about this apart from how gobsmackingly stylish these "

Small van chic – Minivan


" Being in one of those automotive quandaries is great for daydreaming. Old banger and surf wagon/default dadmobile having recently been crushed in the face of an intransigent MOT, there are so many boxes to be ticked in our search "

Cal-look. A Californian state of mind…

Cars Culture

" David Hockney saw it. From the perspective of a grim English town in the fifties, the grey wash flattening and unifying everything you saw into dreary monochrome, California looked special. He may have been only looking at Black and White "

The Professionals

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"There are plenty of people who think that Laurie Johnson’s instantly recognisable, utterly seventies, wah-wah and brass theme tune for The Professionals was the best thing about it, and that every episode went rapidly downhill from there. But the "

Model Cars: Toys and Ride-ons…

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" Buying a new bulb for a headlamp yesterday in a well known chain of high street car part retailer we couldn't help but notice on the stack of Christmas-oriented kids stuff, a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in miniature, about big enough for "

Hot Rod Exploitation

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" The history of the hot rod scene is of course intertwined with that of rock'n'roll. And at the end of the fifties, when teen rebellion was being packaged as yet another consumer decision of the chrome clad American dream, hollywood "



" It seems like the greasier portions of the blogosphere have caught onto this like a mullet to a hand-line over the last couple of days. But we want to share it because it is so lovely. Take a bunch of "

Historic Car Racing – Angouleme Onboard

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" full set of images from Ian Wilson here. Every September vintage and classic racers gather in the historic hillside town of Angouleme, which straddles the beautiful Charente River. At the hub of the town is an amazing 12th century cathedral, "