Pink Ladies?

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"[gallery link="file"] Ok, so we can understand the undeniable quirk of a pink paintjob. Your cars reflect something about you and your self, and the same is true of a bespoke paintjob. Our good friend Sarah Bennett Baggs' 911 looked "

The Ultimate Man Cave?


" There's something extremely decadent about living with your motor. And when that motor is a steel grey Ferrari 512 BB, then not only is the decadence justified - it's also delicious. Imagine taking that young lady circa 1985, back to the pad "

Norse Gods

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"[gallery link="file" ids="14481,14482,14483,14484,14485,14486,14487,14488,14489,14490,14491,14492,14493"] Sometimes, to really understand a car, you have to see it in its native habitat. So if you’ve never really got Swedish cars, and never really understood why some people are so obsessed with them "

Why We Love the Festival of Speed

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" Ok, so it happens every year, but it's getting bigger and more interesting each upon each. Even the most jaded of motoring hacks will get a little bit excited at the prospect of the Goodwood festival of speed. There's no "

Summer = Utility

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" About this time of year, with the back-to-back bank holidays and the blossom hanging heavy on the boughs, even the most committed drivers among us begin to think of the beauty of sports utility. Despite the partly justified bad press "

The Art of Racing


" Stumbled across this really attractive line work over the weekend. Reminds us of what is often overlooked about the popularity of classic race bikes: their simplicity. Illustrator Gianmarco Magnini evokes the raw, purposefulness of a racing classic in the lines "

Pimp Your Garage


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Fresh out of Germany comes this novel way to keep up with the next-door neighbors. A firm called "Style Your Garage" have began marketing these high-res, photorealistic poster wraps for your garage door that have "

Fresh Air


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] There's something special about getting air on a motorised vehicle. You hang out at the edge of control. You flirt with the forces of physics. You indulge the primitive human impulse to fly. That's why "

‘Vehicles’ Exhibition


" Photographer Tim Smyth has launched a joint exhibition with artist Guy Gormley called 'Vehicles' at Son Gallery in London's less-than-fashionable peckham. The exhibition runs until April 11 and explores the relationship between humans and cars through documentary and abstract photography. The "

Fuji Speedway Cine

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" This film, which we stumbled upon at seems to be a bit of Mazda propaganda from the early seventies. Dig the kodachrome-style colour saturation of the film itself. Dig the wickedly spooky loungecore soundtrack. Dig the style "

Rockers’ Revenge_1

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"[gallery link="file" ids="13647,13650,13651,13652,13644" orderby="title"] Dressed up like a bunch of dandy highwaymen - and women, marauders spat out of a time-tunnel into the smog of rush-hour traffic in central London. The Mean and sos are a "

Rockers’ Revenge_2

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"‘Dixon of Dock Green’ wasn’t exactly ‘The Wire’. But, back in the fifties, a big percentage of Britain’s population would tune in each week to see wrongs righted and bad ‘uns brought to justice. One episode concerned itself "

Analogue Eye Candy

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"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] The glossy car magazines are awash with too perfect images. The super hi-def imagery that accompanies every automotive launch, editorial story, and TV slot leaves too little mystery. Digital renderings make even the most workaday "