Pimp Your Garage


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Fresh out of Germany comes this novel way to keep up with the next-door neighbors. A firm called "Style Your Garage" have began marketing these high-res, photorealistic poster wraps for your garage door that have "

Fresh Air


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] There's something special about getting air on a motorised vehicle. You hang out at the edge of control. You flirt with the forces of physics. You indulge the primitive human impulse to fly. That's why "

‘Vehicles’ Exhibition


" Photographer Tim Smyth has launched a joint exhibition with artist Guy Gormley called 'Vehicles' at Son Gallery in London's less-than-fashionable peckham. The exhibition runs until April 11 and explores the relationship between humans and cars through documentary and abstract photography. The "

Fuji Speedway Cine

Cars Culture

" This film, which we stumbled upon at seems to be a bit of Mazda propaganda from the early seventies. Dig the kodachrome-style colour saturation of the film itself. Dig the wickedly spooky loungecore soundtrack. Dig the style "

Art of Andrew Bush: Vector Portraits

People Culture

"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] LA based artist Andrew Bush graduated from Yale University with an MFA in Photography in 1982 and has been pursuing the Vector Portraits series since he moved to Los Angeles in 1989. For this series of photos "

Rockers’ Revenge_1

Bikes Culture

"[gallery link="file" ids="13647,13650,13651,13652,13644" orderby="title"] Dressed up like a bunch of dandy highwaymen - and women, marauders spat out of a time-tunnel into the smog of rush-hour traffic in central London. The Mean and sos are a "

Rockers’ Revenge_2

Bikes Culture

"‘Dixon of Dock Green’ wasn’t exactly ‘The Wire’. But, back in the fifties, a big percentage of Britain’s population would tune in each week to see wrongs righted and bad ‘uns brought to justice. One episode concerned itself "

Ming Thein’s Lego GTO


" While the Geneva Salon goes mental for a succession of hybrid concepts in supercar packages, we were delighting in the technical exactitide of this beautiful recreation of the Ferrari 250 GTO in Lego form. Malaysian theoretical physicist, photojournalist and Lego-kinky craftsman "

Las Vegas Car Culture, 1958

Cars Culture

" Regular Influx devotees will realise that we spend a righteous amount of time scouring the World Wide Web for vintage images that reflect car culture down the ages in order to share their beauty. It's an addictive, time-consuming pursuit but "

The Art of the Car (dboard)

Cars Culture

" [gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Italy-based British artist Chris Gilmour has to be one of the most meticulous cardboard engineers in the world. His renderings of everything from a ’32 Ford Hotrod to the classic Cinquecento – and from a Vespa scooter "

Style Matters


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Fashion is at once the most vacuous and the most vital, ever-changing cultural force. And rather than being all about handbags, high heels, sharp suits and frilly frocks, the amorphous animal that is fashion applies "

Atéliers Ruby


"First there’s the price: £425 for a plain colour, rising to as much as £600 for a pattern and more for a limited edition. The price may be a shock, but Ruby have elevated helmet design and manufacture beyond pure safety, "