Bud Ekins: King of California

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"He embodied Californian car and bike culture.  He jumped the fence in The Great Escape. He employed Evel Knievel. He invented the Baja 1000. He drove the Mustang in Bullitt’s chase.He taught Steve McQueen how to ride fast. Bud "

Miserocchi’s Masterpiece

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"Giulio Miserocchi can be credited with creating 'the driving shoe'. The Italian cobbler was based in the Piedmontese village of Domodossola - and it was there he would hand-sew what would become the first ever driving moccasin. This was back "

Lance Reventlow

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"Lance Reventlow was THE classic gentleman racer. And the British-born Danish-American aficionado of all things automotive was heir to both a Danish nobleman’s title and the vast Woolworth fortune by birth. Cary Grant was his stepfather. One of his "

Whatever Happened to Von Dutch?


"Kenny ‘Von Dutch’ Howard, small scale, multi talented craftsman working out of makeshift, jerry rigged workshops becomes ‘’ a million dollar multi- national fashion brand. He hated us all. And we love the myth he created. It’s the "

In with the Hot Rod Crowd

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" The Vintage Hot Rod Association isn’t just a club, it’s so much more than that. In America in the 1940s, the beat generation spoke of being “in”. Although almost indefinable, that does go some way to explain the "

The Mongrel

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"photography Michael Fordham/influx Harley Peters is 22 years old. But the car that is at the centre of his life has components that were manufactured before his granddad was born. "It started with my old man really," he tells me "

Wilzig Racing Manor

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"OK. So you sell your financial business for a little under a billion dollars. You're a bit of a petrolhead. What do you do? You build a race track in your back yard, of course. John Wilzig is such a "

911 Race Ace: ‘Quick’ Vic Elford


" To say that Vic Elford raced a 911 for the Porsche works rally team is to miss the point. For it was Vic Elford who, pretty much single-handedly, created the Porsche works rally team! So how did an English bloke who "

Mr. 911: Magnus Walker

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"I first fell in love with Porsche as a 10 year old kid during a visit to the London Earls Court Motor show back in 1977. The car that started the love affair was a white Martini 930 Turbo that was on the "

Syd Mead: Auto-Futurist

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"Syd Mead is a self-created industry. He deals in colour, line and imagination - and his vision of an automotive future has seen his work featured in films like Blade Runner, Tron and Johnny Mnemonic. But we just dig the "

Speedway Star!

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"What do you think is the ongoing appeal of speedway as a motorsport? The speed and the danger aspect are ever-present as part of its appeal, but one of the sport’s greatest assets is being able to see the "