Six Questions: Hannu Mikkola

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"Finnish rally maestro Hannu Mikkola was one of the legendary flying Finns who powered their way into motorsport lore during the Group B era at the wheel of the monstrous Audi Quattro S1 Sport. But as World Champion in 1983 and "

Mike Hawthorn: style champ


"Mike Hawthorn knew how to dress.  But as well as being a sartorial stylist, the golden boy from the West Riding of Yorkshire who died tragically early in a crash in his hopped up MK2 Jaguar, was one of the "

Bruce Brown Interview


"Bruce Brown’s creative output has been defined by quality rather than quantity. After making the era-defining surf movie, Endless Summer, in 1966, Brown followed up four years later with On Any Sunday, the most evocative film about riding motorcycles ever "

Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson


"Ten years ago last Friday Hunter S. Thompson went over the edge. The man who attempted to drag the sceptic pseudo trade of journalism back to radical subjectivity - its age-old defining quality – blew his brains out at his compound "

Return to Fordland

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"Like the novelist once said: ‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there” An overused line, perhaps, but it couldn’t be truer for the history of the corner of Essex that became Fordland. When Henry T. "

David Brown: A Very British Coachbuilder


"A quick survey of the Influx editorial archives will confirm our interest in, and coverage of, the great Continental European coachbuilders such as Pininfarina.  And rightly so. It’s worth remembering though that Britain was once home to a good "

Ken Okuyama Kode 9

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" Ken Kikoyuki Okuyama is a master of automotive penmanship. If you don't believe me - have a look at his most famous work. Yes - Okuyama-san is responsible, with employers Pininfarina, for the brutally outrageous pinnacle of Ferrari audacity - "

Citroen DS21: Custom Car Gallic Style

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"Just looking at this Gallic design classic makes you want rush to Lyon, order a strong Café Noir and light up lung bustin’ Gauloise or two. These shots are of an extremely rare 1966 DS21 'Decopotable', the coachwork for which was "

Culture – The Art of the Render

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"We've always greatly admired artists who draw free hand. The digital technology  at all our fingertips is no substitution for straightforward hand-eye artistry. Stumbled across this interesting video of Australian artist Byron Fitzpatrick this morning. It's a great insight of "

Neil Young: Man and Motors

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"Anyone that read Neil Young’s much lauded first memoir Waging Heavy Peace will know that he is a serious petrolhead. While Heavy Peace has much to say about the many and various motors that Young has owned and run "