A Prayer for Saint Volvo

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"If you’re free on November 15th and have some cash in your wallet then get your hair coiffured, stick on a smart suit, head down to Silverstone Auctions and get bidding on this 1966 Volvo P1800S. You could drive "

Banacek – Loss Adjuster Hero

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"A recent run-in with a loss adjuster put me in mind of that greatest of all claims investigators, Thomas Banacek, and his eclectic motor collection. With the ten percent skim from the cash he saved the insurance moguls this cool "

The Importance of being Shelby

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"Words: Charles Bamber Looking at publicity shots of Carroll Shelby from the 1950s, with Stetson and crooked smile in place, you could be forgiven for thinking him the lead man in a classic John Ford Western. In fact Shelby’s "

Killer Cobra: Shelby and the Snake

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"Words: Charles Bamber If you had been an American MG owner in the early to mid sixties, you would have been pretty smug and self satisfied with your exotic, excitingly nippy little English runabout. But imagine the day you first "

Five Shelby Rarities

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"The Shelby badge isn't all about the Mustang and the Cobra. Here are five lesser known cars from the stable of the cowboy himself. [gallery link="file" ids="37733,37734,37735"] 1968 Shelby EXP500 CSS 'Black Hornet' Mustang Known for his penchant for the "

Cars and Girls.

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"This tune from Prefab Sprout has been the staple of many a driving compilation album since its release in 1988  With the line ‘look at me now, I’m driving’ this seems only natural, but its inclusion is deeply ironic. Look "

Wheels and Waves 2014

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"We missed the event. Again. The Moto gods seems to be working against us: for some reason for the last three years we've been unable to get to one of our favourite places for an event that is becoming more "

James Garner: Racer

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"It's ironic that we featured Francois Hardy recently. A few of weeks ago James Garner, her co star in Grand Prix, John Frankenheimer's flawed motorsport classic from 1966, died peacefully at the impressive age of 86. Here's a flavour of the film. ["

The Good, The Bad and the Bertone

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"These are some of our favourite works from the noble House of Bertone, the designs are as prolific and eclectic as the talents of their creator. Abarth 131 Rally. Of the four marques that dominated Rally in the mid 1970s Bertone "

The Importance of Being Nuccio Bertone

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"We’ve mentioned the House Bertone before, latterly lamenting the sad demise of one of car building's great collaborators. It’s instructive that the Noble house never had any financial problems while its long time patriarch Nuccio was alive and "

Point Blank: Lee Marvin wrecks cars!


"Lee Marvin built a career playing hard men. And it doesn’t get any tougher than Walker - the character he plays in 1967 LA thriller Point Blank. There are loads of reasons to love this movie. There's the existential loneliness "

Woody Guthrie: Car Song

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"Stumbling across this highly amusing clip of the great Woody Guthrie, we were amazed at how perrenial the car fetish is. The great bard of the American dustbowl knew a bit about the road - and his little ditty in "