Rebel Bikers?

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"Leather jacket and jeans. The motorcycle rider’s default setting. Motorcyclists have been wearing leathers since their machines developed enough power to bother a rice pudding’s epidermis. The cowhide and denim combo became a global ‘rebel’ uniform, however, after "


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"words and pictures Liz Seabrook Andy Watkins is a self-confessed motorbike geek. In his basement garage in Bristol sit five beauties: a 1937 Ariel, a Hailwood Ducati replica, a ’66 Harley patiently awaiting attention, a Norton 650 and the apple of his eye, "

Shawn Dickinson

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"Artist Shawn Dickenson was born and raised near the coast of Los Angeles and spent most of his childhood surfing and drawing cartoons. Eventually he studied art at the Antelope Valley college before pursuing a career as a cartoonist. He "

Barry Lee, Ford & Rallycross

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" Barry Lee, charismatic king of the UK Rallycross scene of the 1970s, used to own the garage around the corner from where I lived in East London as a kid. There was something so completely of the time about our "

Ferdinand’s Children

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"In the history of Automotive brands there has been none with the length, breadth or depth of Porsche's influence. It's amazing to think that it's over a century ago that Ferdinand Porsche designed the world's first petrol-electric hybrid - as "

David Aldana Performs in England

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" If like us, the greasy peripheries of UK bike culture appeals to you, you're probably already aware of Sideburn magazine. Influx collaborator Gary Inman is one of the highly focussed folk who bring together this beautiful missive from the margins. "

German Designer Luigi Colani …


" His is not one of the Italian names that dances trippingly off the tongue when speaking of innovation in car design. In fact, the prodigious moustache wearer and smoker of cigars isn't even Italian. But that doesn't mean he's not "

Steve McQueen’s 911 Porsche

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"[gallery link="file"] pics courtesy RM auctions Steve McQueen’s 1970 911S, the one featured in his 1971 film Le Mans, is set to be auctioned by RM at Pebble Beach this August. Apparently McQueen used the car as his personal vehicle "

King Carl Fogarty


"‘There’ll never be another Carl Fogarty. I don’t think the world wants one. Not for another 20 years at least,’ so says Carl Fogarty. And he’s right, in some respects. I think the world, racing fans at least, "

The Great John Surtees


" Driving for the Honda racing team, Surtees adjusts his goggles before the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. — Photograph © Schlegelmilch/Corbis John Surtees remains the only racer ever to have won a World championship on a bike and in car. "

Steve McQueen’s Husky for Sale!


" Collectors worldwide are all a-quiver with news that later this this year Bonhams, the auctioneer, will offer Steve McQueen’s 1971 Husqvarna 400 for sale – along with a trunkful of racing trophies the actor and self-confessed racer-bum accumulated over the years. Hosted "

Gabriel Orozco


" On the day that the world finally gets to read journalists' first hand accounts of what the new British supercar is actually like to drive (see Influx writer Ben Oliver's splendid account of hanging with the MP4 12C and Jenson "