Stephen Davison Folio

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"In the late 80's the youth of Ireland had a narrow escape when Stephen Davison gave up his plans to become a school teacher.  "I would have been a crap school teacher- I was only interested in the steady money "

Steve McQueen: The Power of Style


"The blogosphere is awash with paens to Steve McQueen as an icon of cool. Why is Steve McQueen such an important figurehead for (mostly) blokes who like cars and motorbikes. It can't be just about how good he looked, can "

Nudie Cohn Rocks!


" Well, he may have made the kicking-est Country and Western suits this side of the Rockies, but we really dig the way Nudie Cohn kitted out his Caddies in appropriate style. Known for dressing luminaries such as Elvis Presley and "

We’re on Board with Jim Clark


" There's many that are claimed to be the greatest British driver who ever lived. It's a tough competition. Jackie Stewart might have been the most pugnacious whilst Sir Stirling Moss might have been the most preternaturally talented. Nigel Mansell could "

Joe Goode’s Car Calendar


" We at Influx towers are always looking at interesting ways of presenting stories of people and their cars. And in the daily hunt for things that inspire us, we recently stumbled upon Joe Goode's simple but lovely way of presenting "

Gatso Schmatso

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"It’s one of the most deflating feelings in the motoring world. No, strike that. In the universe. It’s ten in the morning on your local dual carriageway on a sunny Sunday. You’ve crammed the kids into the "

Hells Angels by Hunter Thompson

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" "The hard core, the outlaw elite, were the Hell’s Angels… wearing the winged death’s-head on the back of their sleeveless jackets and packing their ‘mamas’ behind them on big ‘chopped hogs.’ They rode with a fine unwashed arrogance, "

Toleman: F1’s Last Romantics

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" Small, unfashionable, short of money – Toleman racing was the the last of its kind to become a force in Grand Prix racing. This was the team that took Ayrton Senna into Formula 1 for the first time and for whom he "

Deutschland über alles!

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" Paul Anderson: BMW 1502 Paul Anderson lives in the Pembrokeshire resort town of Tenby and works for clothing company Howies. When he’s not surfing and tinkering with his pretty little 1976 Beemer, that is. “The Marks & Spencer taupe colour matches "

The Art of Shusei Nagaoka

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" Remember orchestral disco music? Remember prog rock? Well, if not, let me clue you up. Both of these much-maligned forms was characterised by the wearing of outrageous costumes, the rocking of over-long solos and excessive hairdos. That, and a strange "

Steve McQueen Style Tips


" OK, We know it's a bit of a cliché to bang on about how Steve McQueen was the coolest man that ever walked the face of the earth. But it's uncanny – the WWW keeps shoring up images that you can't "

Kevin Cyr: Alternative Americana

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" Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Cyr manages to infuse the beaten up old vehicles he draws with a real sense of emotion. Like careworn characters in a drama evolving along the highways of America, his subjects are tagged up Econolines and beat "

Sir Stirling Moss: The Knight of the Road


" It’s early summer 1955. A 26 year old Stirling Moss is in the middle of the final section of the iconic Mille Miglia road race. He and his co-driver, legendary Motorsport journalist Denis Jenkinson, have been travelling at "