Nick Knight's and Gareth Pugh's Merc SLS AMG

AMG and Mercedes, Fashion and Function


Nick Knight's and Gareth Pugh's Merc SLS AMG

There’s nothing new in the fashion world working closely with car manufacturers. From the earliest days of the twentieth century the transient aesthetic of beauty has been used to sell cars, and cars have continually been used to sell clothes too.

The release of the new Gul Wing AMG Benz recently hooked up two classic ways of seeing the world.

Renowned photographic artist Nick Knight, who has been responsible for some of the most high profile campaigns of the last couple of decades, was commissioned by Mercedes to evoke the forward-thinking (though somehow slightly retro) look and feel of their new object of desire.

Is it us, or are both the AMG gullwing and the outfit rocked by the model somehow out of place and out of time? Both seem evocative of an idea of the future that seems completely outmoded by the unfashionable truths of economy and environment.

Stay tuned for March’s feature thread on how Fashion and motors have intertwined.

But in the meantime, check out the Hollywood voiceover on the video.

Mercedes SLS AMG shooting by Nick Knight (with Gareth Pugh) from Materialiste Paris on Vimeo.