Bike Art by Stevie Gee

People Culture


Well, we’re all here in the afterglow of a fun little gathering at 71a Gallery in London’s Shoreditch last week for the launch of our next print project Influx08. We had a few brews, a few laughs and enjoyed the company of some of the friends who have shared the journey over the last few years. The best thing about these gatherings is that you transcend the distance that the internet imposes and get to meet the people who have been digging what you do. And it works in reverse too.

Illustrator Stevie Gee was kind enough to pop down to say hello, as a mate of Sideburn Magazine’s pensman Gary Inman a neat triangulation occurred. Having been familiar with Stevie’s work for a while now (you might have noticed his sweet poster art for people like Deus and Band of Horses out there in the web-o-sphere), it completely slipped our minds that Stevie was a contributor to Adrenalin: a cult missive I put out for, a few years back in the late nineties and early noughties. Turns out that this piece was one of his earliest commissions. Turns out also that Influx/08 contrib Mickey Boy G was the very fellow who made the call to get a very callow Stevie on board.

Anyway; these synchronicities are what keeps us stoked and convinced that we’re doing something for people that’s real, and that the interests that evolve have genuine roots – and therefore a bright, flowering future.

Stay tuned for info on how to get a copy of Influx/08. We’re rather proud of our new baby.