Audi A8 & Hyperspace


Not sure how we missed these stunning pieces of photographic art last year, but we did.

The series of pictures were commissioned from Warsaw-based photographer Igor Omulecki to evoke the launch of the A8 in 2010.

Audi of course have a grand old tradition of producing thought-provoking campaigns of beauty and lasting resonance – but this collaboration is a high watermark in the collaboration between the brand, Audi’s design ethos and the art world.

The concept is based around ‘Hyperspace’, the meaning of which, reading the web blurb, seems to have been a little lost in translation between English, Polish and ‘Artspeak’ – but the pictures speak for themselves.

Over-engineered to within an inch of its life the A8 may not have been the sort of car to get pulses racing – but if you value real technical exactitude in your steed, then its values are reflected, if tangentially, in these beguiling images.