Auto Art: Tomas Pajdlhauser

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check out the superbly impressionistic mini auto art classics from Ottawa-based artist

We stumbled across the lovely artwork of Tomas Pajdlhauser on the always-inspiring Le Container blog recently.

Tomas is a Creative Director at Jam Filled Entertainment in Ottawa, Canada, and has spent the last 10 years in positions ranging from Art Direction, Direction, and Location Design to Character & Prop Design, Story, and Animation. He has overseen and contributed to projects for such clients as Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Mattel and many more.


But what we love most about Tomas’s work is, of course, the bike and car art that he renders with such subtlety – and forms an obvious passion-shaped heart of his folio.

Tomas employs a distinctive shoot-from-the-hip style, which enables his art to evoke the feeling of an bike, a car or an engine, rather than getting too much involved in zeroing in on fine detail.

There’s a lovely texture to Tomas’s sketches. You can see that he has a genuine feel for mechanicity.

Captain Tom

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