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Heuer Timers and Chronographs

Ok. Digital was cool. Back in 1978. You could pretend you were Buzz Aldrin with the soft red glow of that Timex on your wrist.

You could believe that getting rid of the dials on your timepiece meant that you were somehow communing with a future full of protein pills and straight edged certainties.

But that dream has passed.

Now in high end sports saloons down to superminis you get digitised versions of the analogue aesthetic.

Full TFT displays conspire to give you information overload – everything from fluctuations in tire pressure to the suicidal tendencies of pesky pedestrians.

Technology in other words, has created in our cars a cacophony.

Here’s to a return to three-dimensional pointy dials and circular faces. Even if you’re not allowed to ride them at the Nürburgring.

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