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VC London

Bikes Culture

"We're trying to level the playing field"

It’s early spring in the East End of London. Gemma Harrison kicks the starter on her Triumph custom. At her side Namin Cho and Mai Storni, who give their own engines a chest rattling roar before tearing off towards Limehouse tunnel. As they cut through the Docklands – an industrial wasteland of concrete, metal and glass – any nearby vehicles instinctively keep their distance.

This is the core of VC London: an all-female bike crew redefining what it means to ride for a new generation.

Every week, VC opens up their workshop to give women a free lesson in the art of mechanics, as well as a place to fix their bikes or just have some fun.

“Biking is obviously a male-dominated world and we’re trying to level the playing field,” says Gemma, back at the Cable Street clubhouse.

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