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Drifting: the unforgiving sport

Cars Culture

Stuff a 600bhp Corvette V8 into a rear-wheel-drive Nissan and things get very smokey and very sideways, very fast.

Ah, Paris.

Home to art, love, wine, landmarks and many, many dented automobiles. They come in all shapes and sizes (the cars, not the bodywork blemishes) – and in those pretty streets lives something a little more exotic than your average 2CV, 205 GTi or Megane R26.R.

Charles dos Santos is a 30-year-old car nut from Paris who does things a little differently to most. Take one example: a Nissan S14 (240SX) into which he has shoehorned a Corvette V8 lump, tuned to deliver 600bhp. Why? Because drifting.

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