Car Chase – Budget Getaway: The Eleventh Hour


We wanted a film about classic car chases - but this is what actually happened

“We’re keen to make a film on the subject of car chases”

We’ll do it, we said.

Which motoring filmmaker doesn’t want to make a film on car chases? We thought about all those famous scenes in Hollywood blockbusters and cult classics from years gone by that can be explored; Bullet, Ronin, Bond, Bourne, Taken. We thought about all the wonderful actors and stunt professionals we could speak to about their careers and how they got to become world-renowned drivers and action heroes. How on earth do you get into a profession like that?!

We thought about going to Hollywood.

We even considered real life car chases. Deadly but enticing all the same. It was something that seemed to happen more in America than here in the UK but live car chases on the news was always an exciting prospect. Especially when we were younger. It would have been incredibly fascinating to speak with the people who lived those out for real. The police, the getaway drivers, anyone that would tell their story.

We thought about ‘Police, Camera, Action!’

The problem was this: For all these fabulous ideas, there were fabulous reasons why we could not do it. We thought long and hard about the people we could speak to, all to no avail. We couldn’t get our hands on anybody of real interest. Plus where we’re based there aren’t too many stuntmen or women residing in the quiet market towns. The local police force aren’t known for high speed chases, either.

What we didn’t think about was making an actual car chase ourselves. I mean, where would we begin? We didn’t have any cars, we didn’t have anywhere to do it and we didn’t have much time. Or even a story for that matter.

Which is when we started to think ‘would we even need a story?’ There are so many action films that start with a contextless car chase. All you really need to know is that someone is angry and mad enough to get in a car and erratically race after someone else that they really want to talk to. Or kill. At high speed.

“James, get back here, you’ve forgotten your pack-up!!”

Perhaps it wouldn’t be *that* hard for us to film our own car chase after all.

“We’re keen to make a film on the subject of car chases”

We’ll make our own car chase, we said.

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