Garage Built Countach.


We stumbled across this story a while ago now, and have wanted to share it. Now, with our thread on the perennial and intriguing power of the Countach, the time is perfect!

Ken Imhoff, American engineer and car nut, built this amazing Lamborghini Countach replica from scratch in the basement of his own house after apparently becoming obsessed with the car after seeing it in the Cannonball Run.

Working long-hours in the basement of his own home, Ken designed and fabricated a space frame, hand formed the aluminium body panels, created the characteristic Lambo doors, added a Corvette C4 suspension as well as a Boss 351 V8 engine mated to a ZF-5 speed manual gearbox.

In other words, he did everything by himself from scratch!

Once he finished the car he had to hire a contractor to take down a part of the basement wall, excavate the ground to create a ramp and then pull the car out on the road.

Respect is due!

Go to Ken’s site for the updated story Ken Imhoff Engineering