Reasons to Be Cheerful



Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Wires have reported that the 2012 version of the top-of-the-range Jeep is set to feature a 6.4 litre Hemi V8, 500 HP and an eight-speed gearbox. The current version is amazingly refined for an American SUV – so with tech figures like this this may be a Cayenne Turbo beater for a quantum of the price. It looks better than the Cayenne too.


Cadillac CTS Coupé
From a purely design-focused perspective Caddy’s latest coupé is a further step away from its wool-died image as purveyor of ostentatious rides for fat American cats. It may look wrought in pixels but In the supercharged CTS V8 form it’s an -all-American brute. See it in the steel and it may even attract you away from the German and Japanese competition.


Chevrolet Camaro SS
When you meet one of these you can’t help but notice the Hasbro connection. Along with the Mustang this is probably the most authentic of the rebooted muscle Marys, but somehow the very American futurism encoded in its design really looks like it’s about to transform into an Autobot and save the world. And that’s why we like it.


Ford F150
The best selling truck in American history is in its current manifestation looks great. Ford even claim a dizzying 23 MPG on the highway! With the crew cab and the relatively low retail price it’s a true alternative to those ubiquitous but dull Jap competitors. If you car about automotive steez and have heavy duty transport requirements, this might be a goer.


Tesla Roadster 2.5
Despite rumours of the company’s financial troubles and how difficult it would be to live with, the Tesla company boldly created enough energy and debate on the viability of EVs to wake a world out of complacency. Press the boot for instant torque, hurtle into a corner with no engine noise and judge your braking – then tell us if this isn’t a new driving experience to be championed.