Porsche 909 Bergspyder


" Every manufacturer of performance cars is obsessed with power-weight ratio. You don't have to be a physics professor to realize why. If you take away the adornments of luxury and concentrate all efforts on optimizing performance you’ll give yourself "

LA Crash

Cars Culture

" No city in the world is more geared toward the motor car than Los Angeles. It's a commonplace to discuss the fact that the vast majority of Angelino interactions take place through the windows of a car; that no one "

Hip to Be Square?


" Sometimes sophisticated industrial processes are over-rated. Sure, we love the hand-wrought curve of fine steel wrapped around a frame and some rolling gear. But luscious curves  alone do not a cool motor make. The Americans, in particular, have always known "

We’re on Board with Jim Clark


" There's many that are claimed to be the greatest British driver who ever lived. It's a tough competition. Jackie Stewart might have been the most pugnacious whilst Sir Stirling Moss might have been the most preternaturally talented. Nigel Mansell could "

Joe Goode’s Car Calendar


" We at Influx towers are always looking at interesting ways of presenting stories of people and their cars. And in the daily hunt for things that inspire us, we recently stumbled upon Joe Goode's simple but lovely way of presenting "

Barn Finds and Sleeping Beauties


" It's the holy grail for every lover of old cars and every obsessive tinkerer with hopeless automotive projects. Finding that neglected vintage car in a dusty barn is something every petrolhead should aspire to. Rumours of Aladdin's caves containing many "

Classic Biker Fashion


" You'd have to have been living under a rock somewhere if you hadn't noticed the popularity of utility garments, particularly biker-friendly jackets, on our city's streets. It's nothing new. Non-bikers wear biker jackets, non surfers wear board shorts – the list "

Honda CRZ: Believe


" There has been rampant skepticism towards Honda's forthcoming CRZ Hybrid – mostly revolving around wether or not a truly sporty, exciting hybrid is a contradiction. But even if the CRZ's performance levels or fuel-efficiency will be  particularly noteworthy we are loving  "

Influx Social

Alfa Giulietta Launch – Cyber-Tease


" Many of you Alfaholics out there  will be aware of the forthcoming official unveiling at this year's Geneva International Motorshow. But in the lead up, Alfa Romeo is rolling out a 'virtual ownership' programme so you can get your vicarious "

Fast Ladies: Women in Motor Sport


" We stumbled upon an interesting book this week that shored up a couple of intriguing stories of women making their mark in the early days of motorsport. Here's just a couple of vignettes. The formidable Violette Morris (above) was the "

Gran Turismo Omologato


" Those Italians certainly know how to weave magic with words, eh?  Touring car  constructed for homologation' doesn't really have the same ring, does it? But no matter how you say it, the GTO badge has been applied to an interesting "

The Chimaera of Speed


"The perfect illustration (below) of the glorious absurdity of the very, very fast car. The Bugatti Veyron will do 253 miles per hour. But it can’t do 253 miles in an hour, because at that speed its fuel consumption is so "

Gatso Schmatso

People Culture

"It’s one of the most deflating feelings in the motoring world. No, strike that. In the universe. It’s ten in the morning on your local dual carriageway on a sunny Sunday. You’ve crammed the kids into the "

The Day Of Reckoning


"When the court usher said ‘I’d just like to make you aware you face disqualification today.’ I could feel the blood drain from my face like gin from an optic. This wasn’t the time, or place to blurt ‘"



"The land speed record is the ultimate answer to that age-old question: How fast will she go? It sounds so simple, when the essence of speed is distilled to just those five words. But they disguise so much of the "

The Bonneville Story


"If you were dropped blindfold in the middle of the great Salt Lake of Utah you could be forgiven for thinking you had arrived on another planet. The sun angles off its ancient surface and sends contusions of light that "