Vincent Black Shadow: Fantasy Ride


"The Vincent Black Shadow is famous for a lot of reasons. Released in the late-40s, into an era of post-war austerity, it was groundbreaking, intimidating and fast enough to turn a pilot’s eyelids inside out. It made such "

Rosemeyer V Caracciola


"Man has always been fascinated by speed. The desire to be the fastest has inspired tales of great heroism as well as great tragedy. Perhaps the latter’s most poignant example was the fate that befell poor Bernd Rosemeyer as "

Hells Angels by Hunter Thompson

People Culture

" "The hard core, the outlaw elite, were the Hell’s Angels… wearing the winged death’s-head on the back of their sleeveless jackets and packing their ‘mamas’ behind them on big ‘chopped hogs.’ They rode with a fine unwashed arrogance, "

Mystery Pininfarina Curvitude


" Every now and then we stumble upon an image that beguils as well as excites. Out of all the beautifully-rendered concept cars from the period of the late sixties and the early seventies, this is one of the most mysterious "

AMG and Mercedes, Fashion and Function


" There's nothing new in the fashion world working closely with car manufacturers. From the earliest days of the twentieth century the transient aesthetic of beauty has been used to sell cars, and cars have continually been used to sell clothes "

A New Lambo Super Veloce?


" We don't usually go in for adding speculation to the gargantuan gallery of whispers that is the global car industry, but having spotted these apparently leaked images of a new lightweight Lambo, we had to share. And the black and "

Cool Cat: Winter Transport on Steroids


" OK, so the snow is causing chaos all over the nation and even the most curmudgeonly of time-and motion obsessed bosses has to concede it might be time to close up shop for a day of sledging and hot chocolate "

Van’s the Man


" The thing about vans, campers, crew-cabs – the whole diverse genre of trucks, motorhomes, splitties and microbuses – is that they are more than just things that get the driver from A to B. They encapsulate and infuse the personality of the "

Influx Social

God’s Speed: Bike Culture Documented


" Ok, you're back at work and the bread and butter realities of everyday life are emerging from the frost of a new year. What better way to escape the humdrum, then, than to treat yourself to a visual feast and "

Tubism: Global Car Culture through the Ads


" This is a killer eighties take on one of the last great Citroens from 1987. Grace rocks, especially as she bashed televisual cheesemonger Russell Harty around this period. This campaign on the other hand promotes mock heroic overtones on a decidedly "

2010 Dakar Rally (Displaced)

Cars Culture

" The Christmas and New Year period means a lot of different things to many different people. But for a bunch of offroading lunatics in every automotive genre, it means a couple of weeks of hard toil, sickening adrenalin rushes and "

Audi A8: No Escape From the Grid

Cars Culture

" Of the future is by definition uncertain, one thing that is going to happen in 2010 is that the all encompassing rach of the World Wide Web with slither its silicone fingers into your motor. And who else but Audi to "

Saab: Fighter Planes to Crash Landings


" Having been born and raised lusting after turbo Saabs and digging the legendary Viggen fighter planes that featured often in their ads, it's amazing at how such a ridiculous bit of brand mismanagement can destroy a symbol of innovative Scandinavian "

Green Machines For Xmas


" We know, that every boy from the age of six to 106 would dig this little Bentley Soapbox for Christmas: but you're not having it. Because the sexy little creation is Bentley's. And only Bentley's it was a result of 2008's "

McLaren F1


" Recently stumbled upon a picture that set my heart aflutter with boyish dreams of love, speed and conquest. Sometimes, it's good to share the pornography of automotive power without having to justify it. We doubt that the new Mclaren road "

One-Seven Seven Goes Ballistic


" Aston Martin’s One-77 supercar has moved closer to setting a new all-time record for the British marque in initial high speed testing. According the Aston Martin, the ridiculously pricey and carnally proportioned One-77 is currently undergoing development testing in "