Rin Tanaka


" There are so many car and bike culture books out there, it's hard to pick a single volume or a series of books that stand out. So many of them are written by experts with an almost blinkered view of "



" Fans of French cars are usually pretty easy to spot. They’ll be the ones leafing through a car magazine or hanging around a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault dealership with a look of mild sadness and disappointment on their faces. "

Bonkers: Mégane Renaultsport R26R


" //BONKERS. It’s the word of the (Early) summer// And if Bonkers is your thing, and you want your motoring world to be full of staccato shimmies, banshee wails and ludicrous performance-to-pound rates of fun, then the Renaultsport Mégane "

Paris Retro: DS Doctors


" Francophilia is a common, if perhaps unexpected thing in these islands. Agincourt, Norman invasions, and centuries of general and endemic antipathy between France and Britain hasn’t diminished the reality that we have a grudging admiration for many things French. “"

Hail the (French) Spirit of Youth!


"Strip away the guff, the fat, the decoration, the ego-toys, idiot-gadgets, marketing widgets, the extras, the unnecessary; leave only what is essential. Only then, unadulterated and pure, will you come close to a true experience, the experience of owning, of "

Veyron Grand Sport: Final French Fling?


" The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a roadster version of the epoch-making hypercar, launches this month. With only 100 up for grabs, even a €1.4 million base price won’t stop the global elite from grabbing the ultimate in alfresco driving. Like the "

Le Mans: Evolution of a Legend


"There are few races in the world as totemic as Le Mans. You can talk about iconography if you like, but it’s a hackneyed word. The 24 Heures Du Mans is without question the single most famous race in the "

Guess the Car Competition

"This competition has now finished, but you can still play for fun. Keep an eye out for our next competition... ----------------------------------- If you think you know your cars, why not give our competition a go. Below are twenty cars or "

Influx Social

Retro Hot Wheels


" Not sure what it is we like about this poster from a Hot Wheels campaign from some time in the 1970s. I guess it must be that there was no such thing as political correctness, and balls out power could "

Gas Turbine Technology


" Whilst scouring the web for images of Americana, I came across these amazing pictures of Graham hill-driven Turbine Indy car from around 1968 in the Life Photo Archive. In the race to produce an alternative to the internally combusted, piston-and-crankshaft model "

Phantom Corsair


" The 1938 Phantom Corsair American heir Rust Heinz $24,000 to build - that’s $300,000 today - and he hoped to sell production versions for half that price. Unfortunately the ketchup king passed away shortly after this single prototype was made. As for "

Adventures in Biodiesel

Cars Culture

" Not all the huge, gas guzzling trucks in America are destroying the planet all of the time. Take Keith Malloy's Ford F350 Superduty. Keith is part of a tightly knit California Ranch-raised family who not only care for and respect "

Steve McQueen


" Steve McQueen was the coolest man that has ever lived. The fact is obvious, and is referenced constantly by the motoring press. But, until recently, I couldn't really get my head around what was so cool about the man. This "

LA LA Landcruiser


" Hitting the exact spot when Central California becomes Southern California south beyond Point Conception, you enter a completely different world. Something about the self-conscious, understated coolness of San Francisco morphs into almost an exhibitionist way of being. All of a "

Ducati and Robert Dunlop


" You've got to hand to Ducati. With a race bred heritage second to none and a cool design eye and ethos, they keep on coming out with classics. This silver metalflaked neo caff-styled special was emanating its stylish presence on "

Hot Rod Rebel

Cars Culture

" If any car is quintessentially Californian, then it is a traditional bucket-bodied hotrod. And it doesn't come much more traditional than Guido Brenner's stunning metalflaked ride. Guido built the car he calls 'the stinkin' hotrod Lincoln' from the ground up, "