Encounters with Swedish Amazons


" love this rendering of the humble, but subtly phat and menacing Volvo Amazon. Volvo must be one of the most misunderstood automotive brands ever created. Tarnished with decades of middle-of-the-road, family focussed earnestness, I've always thought there has been something "

New Boxster Spyder


"[gallery link="file"] When Porsche released official pics of its new lightweight champion this morning, they bound to point out that the Boxster Spyder always be driven, loved, cooed-over with the top down. Because like a great Hollywood leading man "

Toyota FT-86: The Scooby Counterpunch


" No sooner had Toyota announced the advent of the long-awaited FT-86 supercar, than the digital rumour mill had begun to grind out the preposterous idea that that Subaru would also be offering a version of this prodigal child –  and a "

Buell: Harley Davidson Commits Infanticide


" The message that Harley-Davidson killed its sporting sub brand Buell broke to shocked yank bike loving global community last week. In response, Harley CFO John Olin told the press recently "We have not quantified the benefits of increased focus on ["

Anniversary Z-Car For the ‘States


" A special edition model 370Z to commemorate 40 years of the Z-car is to be released in the USA.  Although the original timeless classic that is the Datsun 240Z was introduced on October 22, 1969, the 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition will go on "

Car Crush: BMW CSL


"There's a late-eighties 5-Series Alpina Touring in green with amazingly unique alloys and cream leather interior that I keep seeing cruising around my hometown. I couldn't get the car out of my mind. I'd find myself in idle moments wandering "

Lotus Exige Scura


" ‘Scura’ means 'dark' in Italian. Phantom black, light and tricked out in all sorts of track-specific goodies, this could be the Lotus that every young hooligan desires. Contrasting high gloss ‘Phantom Black’ triple stripes run the length of the car "

Influx Social

Steve McQueen Style Tips


" OK, We know it's a bit of a cliché to bang on about how Steve McQueen was the coolest man that ever walked the face of the earth. But it's uncanny – the WWW keeps shoring up images that you can't "

Kevin Cyr: Alternative Americana

People Culture

" Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Cyr manages to infuse the beaten up old vehicles he draws with a real sense of emotion. Like careworn characters in a drama evolving along the highways of America, his subjects are tagged up Econolines and beat "

Motor Racing: The True National Sport?


"If you care at all about cars and you happen to be born of these Sceptered Isles, it's a little difficult not to feel a bit smug this week. As a nation of people passionate about their cars and motorsport, "

The Brawn Enigma


"In case you have been cast into a particularly opaque motorsport limbo this last week, you will know that Ross Brawn, 55 in November, has pulled off a stunning achievement. The team he created out of the ashes of Honda's withdrawal "

Sir Stirling Moss: The Knight of the Road


"www.stirlingmoss.com It’s early summer 1955. A 26 year old Stirling Moss is in the middle of the final section of the iconic Mille Miglia road race. He and his co-driver, legendary Motorsport journalist Denis Jenkinson, have been travelling at "

Grass Roots Motorsport


"Photographs by Paul O'Connor. The Mental Breakdown How do you squeeze as much fun out of a quarter of a mile of motoring? It's obvious to someone like 42 year old Wayne Allman. Stick a custom made, Supercharged hemi in a "

The Dragster Chronicles


"Photographer Dom Romney has been one of the most interesting photographers to document the UK Drag Racing scene for the last few years. Though Drag racing in the UK has always been perceived as somewhat of a poor relation of "

Road-Race Crossovers: Our Top Ten


"Does racing really improve the breed? The phrase was applied to horses before it was used for cars, and it’s pretty hard now to see a link between the F1 thoroughbreds and the humble mules the rest of us "