The Honda Motra


" Is it just me, or does the idea of going hang gliding equipped with only a rugged little bike like the Honda Motra seem strangely appealing? Produced just between the years of 1982-1983, the cool little tough roader was amazingly "

The Strange (Morris) Traveller


" Some of you may recognise John Issac from this scandalous shot taken this weekend at the Bellyboard World Championships at Cornwall's Chapel Porth beach. John is a legendary Cornubian classicist. He is a lover of old cars, old surfboards, and "

Car Art: A Dirty Imagination

Cars People

" Artist Scott Wade has taken the mischievous art of scrawling on shockingly filthy rear windows to another level. In an inspired series of dirty doodles he has come up with a cool way to keep the neighbours envious: turn According "

Two Strokes and a Scandal


" Anyone who has had the nerve-jangling, adrenalin inducing pleasure of twisting a fiery two stroke-driven bike through the power band will attest to the fact that the noble and threatened form is far superior to the relatively plodding four stroke. "

911 Sports Classic: Retro Sex


" The Carrera RS in white was always our favourite 911. When the days when all Porsches were wheezing snarling, back-happy brutes, the ducktail that was included in the early models was an apparently crude but supposedly effective aerodynamic solution. You don't "

Fashion, Cars & Girls

Cars Culture

" Good looking girls have always been used to sell cars. But with the launch this week of Mito Jeans, the fields are confused. As well as raising money for Charity, the new brand of skin-tight denim modelled delectably by Alfa's "

Camaro SS: ’69 Indy Pace Car


" Now we might be accused of being a little obsessed at Influx towers with the year 1969. But dammit, it seems that so much cultural products of that very special year remains continually interesting, and spangled with the elusive stardust that "

Banned Car Ads: Censorship 101


"The whys and wherefores of car advertising are pretty arcane. Who knows what motivates the censors? We picked six of our faves. This one is superb. In a phallic kind of way. Mature petrolheads would have run out and bought "

Influx Social

Michelotti & Austin Rover


" The 1972 Leyland-Crompton electric car prototype was a response to the Oil crisis by BL, with a Michelotti body on a Mini chassis The collaboration between the lesser known carrozzeria Michelotti and British Leyland goes back to the mid fifties. Like "

Mini Bikes


"[gallery=63] In the whole panoply of titchy two wheelers, a rag tag coterie of machines that these days includes MX-style pit bikes, simple kids crossers and even full race-spec superbikes in miniature, the traditional lawnmower-engined, fat wheeled minis of the "

Five Favourite Engines


"There is an completely human quality to the beauty possessed by engines. It's obvious when you think about it. No matter how much Computer Aided Design and Digital Production techniques built into their realisation, they were conceived of in the "

The VW Transporter of Joseph Beuys


" We all know that the VW Transporter is one of the most iconic of iconic vehicles. Quite what that means to us decadent 21st century-wallahs is one thing. What it meant to the post war generation of Germany is another. "

One Day You’ll Own a Yamaha


"      In the protean cultural mass that was the mid seventies, the Yamaha Moto Bike was a classic bit of corporate kidsploitation. In Dogtown the Z-Boys were riding pools in long white tube socks in the first skateboarding "

Dukes of Hazzard


" According to who you ask, the were anywhere between 250 and 350 1968-9 Dodge Chargers used in the filming of The Dukes of Hazzard. General Lee, as the redneck ride of bootlegging brother Bo & Luke Duke's muscle car was known, had "

Justified Homage to the Miura


" The much-acclaimed Lamborghini Miura Bible by Joe Sackey was first published by specialist motoring press Veloce in November 2008. However the entire first print run was sold out in less than four months, leaving a lot of people disappointed. Now reprinted, "

De Tomaso: More than Latin-American Union


" Latin Power crossed with American muscle. That's what De Tomaso, the brand that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is mostly known for. Mr Alejandro De Tomaso was aristocratic Argentinian through and through, Having moved to Modena from the "