Retro Hot Wheels


" Not sure what it is we like about this poster from a Hot Wheels campaign from some time in the 1970s. I guess it must be that there was no such thing as political correctness, and balls out power could "

Gas Turbine Technology


" Whilst scouring the web for images of Americana, I came across these amazing pictures of Graham hill-driven Turbine Indy car from around 1968 in the Life Photo Archive. In the race to produce an alternative to the internally combusted, piston-and-crankshaft model "

Phantom Corsair


" The 1938 Phantom Corsair American heir Rust Heinz $24,000 to build - that’s $300,000 today - and he hoped to sell production versions for half that price. Unfortunately the ketchup king passed away shortly after this single prototype was made. As for "

Adventures in Biodiesel

Cars Culture

" Not all the huge, gas guzzling trucks in America are destroying the planet all of the time. Take Keith Malloy's Ford F350 Superduty. Keith is part of a tightly knit California Ranch-raised family who not only care for and respect "

Steve McQueen


" Steve McQueen was the coolest man that has ever lived. The fact is obvious, and is referenced constantly by the motoring press. But, until recently, I couldn't really get my head around what was so cool about the man. This "

LA LA Landcruiser


" Hitting the exact spot when Central California becomes Southern California south beyond Point Conception, you enter a completely different world. Something about the self-conscious, understated coolness of San Francisco morphs into almost an exhibitionist way of being. All of a "

Ducati and Robert Dunlop


" You've got to hand to Ducati. With a race bred heritage second to none and a cool design eye and ethos, they keep on coming out with classics. This silver metalflaked neo caff-styled special was emanating its stylish presence on "

Hot Rod Rebel

Cars Culture

" If any car is quintessentially Californian, then it is a traditional bucket-bodied hotrod. And it doesn't come much more traditional than Guido Brenner's stunning metalflaked ride. Guido built the car he calls 'the stinkin' hotrod Lincoln' from the ground up, "

Influx Social

Ferrari Testarossa Smashes Record


" If anyone was in any doubt that the classic car scene was the most stable and developing of all automotive markets, the sale of a 1957 Testarossa this weekend for almost 2 million euros than the existing world record sale at auction. "

“Old Cars Rock, Dude!”


" There are millions of cool old cars on the road in San Francisco. It's the first thing you notice on the drive in from the airport. I had what my friend called "the cool car twitch" about me as I "

Absurdist Americana No.1


" Waiting to arrive in America, the country that probably created the dream of the open road. It's incredible what the word California evokes in the age of the credit crunch and the oil crisis. Hollywood icons riding around in Toyota "

Deus Ex Machina

Bikes Culture

" Australia's image, even deep here in the heart of the 21st century isn't really compatible with artful postmodernism. Nor is the motorbike itself particularly associated (in the UK at least) with the tendency to fetishise the object. Our biking tradition "

Viva Espana!


" Whilst witnessing Somerset lad Jenson Button score yet another Grand Prix win, this around Barcelona's neck-jarring Circuit de Catalunya it occurred to us here at Influx, that despite the Spanish being incredibly passionate about motoring, the man in the street "

California: Automotive Heaven or Hell?


" The word California is sprinkled with stardust. It's a crucible of dreams for some, hell on earth for others. Whatever you feel about it personally, it's a place where the tectonic plates grind each upon each, creating untold energy that "

Car = Art?


"Look at your car. Ignore the kerbed alloy and the parking dent and the fact that you didn’t get around to cleaning it last weekend. Look beyond all that. Look at its forms, its details, its edges and curves. "

PopBang Colour: The Art of Movement


"If British people were as good as Americans at romanticising their industrial past, then there would be paeans to Birmingham all over the pop charts. There aren’t many cities left in this great nation with a network of industrial "