Alain Prost: the Other Edge of Genius?


"To many modern Formula One fans, the current crop of turbocharged cars are the work of the devil. They're too quiet, too driver-friendly, too reliable and even, some say, too safe. But it wasn't always thus. Time was when turbocharged "

FOCUS on Tom Bing

Bikes People

"Our FOCUS for this edition is Tom Bing. If you got a 'U' in A-Level photography you'd probably think twice about your ability behind a lens. We're glad Tom Bing wasn't put off by that minor blip... Influx: How did "

Charlie Martin – Racer


""I got over the wall first time". Not something you expect to hear from a racing driver whilst talking about their achievements to date, but then Charlie Martin is a racer like no other. The wall in question, you'll be "

Vincent – Night Rider


"Look at it. Before we start chatting tech specs and bike biography, just look at it. Stare at the splaying cylinders, curling mudguards and serpentine exhaust system, each part a pointed, polished contrast to the black. Black fuel tank, blank "

Bikes, Beards & Beyond


"Richie Finney doesn’t take himself too seriously. As he twiddles his perfectly waxed ‘tache, a beaming grin spreads across his face. “I’ve always been a bit odd,” he smiles before regaling tales of riding Royal Enfields in the "

Prodrive P2


"Bwaaaah. Bu. Bu. BWAAAAH! Flat but percussive with rough, loping edges, it could only be a boxer four. Rough and inconstant, the gloriously impure gargling swells with each passing second, gaining pitch and volume as the revs continue to climb. "

50 years of Jaguar XJ


"The XJ was the last Jaguar that company founder Sir William Lyons personally oversaw; a super-saloon to join the company ranks, alongside motoring greats like the E-type and the Mk2. It was revealed to the public, in the form of "

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Lotus’s forgotten wedges


"Pop quiz: you have three seconds to name a wedge-shaped Lotus. Go! Okay, hands up who answered 'Esprit'? Blimey, that'll be all of you, then. Well, it is the obvious answer, isn't it? But it wasn't the first wedge-shaped Lotus. "

The Cars of British GT


"The cars of British GT may well represent the perfect meeting point of sex appeal and audience recognition. These are not the sort of sinuous but seriously exclusive single-seater machines that you see at racetracks and nowhere else, and between "

Classic Ford prices

Cars Culture

"If you’re a classic car enthusiast you’ve probably watched prices rise extortionately during the last decade. Just last year, the Coutts Index examined the performance of “passion assets” such as classic cars, art work, coins and antiques, with "

FOCUS on Dan Bathie

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" Our FOCUS for this edition is Dan Bathie Taking a love of cars and motorsport and turning that into your career is a dream for many, and Dan Bathie's skill behind the shutter meant he's been able to do just "

Aeroplanes by car manufacturers


"The intertwining of the aviation and car worlds is inextricable, so tightly wound together are they, that it’s like separating a Premiership footballer from their Cheshire mansion, or Lewis Hamilton from the hashtag #blessed. Because aeroplanes and cars came "

Atalanta roadster: a glorious blast from the past


"At one end of a small Oxfordshire town lies Bicester Village shopping mall: mecca for Chinese tourists and the brand-obsessed.At the other, the infinitely more interesting Bicester Heritage: de facto home of the UK classic motor industry. If you "

Marcos – From Kit Car to Le Mans


"For many small volume car manufacturers the kit car route allows them to offer the buyer something different but without the need to have a large factory and workforce to finance. Jem Marsh, the founder of Marcos, realised this throughout "