2017 Highlights

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"As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrate our most exciting, engaging and fun year to date. A year that saw incredible highs with a visit to the largest collection of MX-5s in the world, spending time with alt-fuel cars "

Move Over Cortina, Sierra’s Here


"They say the past is a foreign country. It’s true; it is so far away that it seems almost unreal. Certainly, the '80s seem like I dreamt the decade. Especially the early part of that era. Well, I "

Under Pressure

People Culture

"“It’s like high-speed chess,” says Mo Davies. The diminutive driving instructor looks a little out place, perched high up in the cab of a bright red, 15-ton lorry with blue lights on top. Looks are deceiving, however, for Davies "

Visiting Maranello


"When I was 12 years old, my parents used to take us away for the summer. We’d often go and stay in the New Forest for a week - a gorgeous slice of Hampshire perfect for walking and exploring and "

McLaren Super Series


"McLaren is the UK’s fastest expanding car firm. Since it injected lots of money into making supercars a few years back, the Surrey-based company has produced some of the most desirable vehicles in the world. McLaren can now go "

FOCUS on Tom Kurek


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Tom Kurek. "One of the biggest challenges facing every passionate car photographer is something very basic - access to cars. Especially when they are beautiful, rare and considered to be a bit of a "

Moto Guzzi – Airbrush Lake Design

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"Ariadne – or Arianna to us Italians – is a name that may be familiar to you from Greek mythology. The Greek Ariadne was a Princess of Crete and in love with Theseus, who went into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur. "

A VIP Chauffeur in London

"Sezar Struzha is a driver for London-based EG Chauffeurs. They provide professional driving services for discerning travellers, boasting a number one ranking for chauffeur companies on Trustpilot.  Originating from Kosovo, Sezar worked in bars and restaurants when he first moved "

Influx Social

Maybach: Planes, trains and automobiles.

"The names 'Benz' and 'Daimler' rightly enjoy a place in the pantheon of great automotive designers and engineers. But there's another name that is equally deserving of such recognition yet is less well known than it should be. That name "

Growth of the limo

"  Opulence is an ancient way of life for some people. Royalty, nobles, Russian oligarchs, presidents and, yes, even dictators have asserted their right to lavishness for donkey's years. The convention has filtered down to present-day life, but extravagance has "

‘Stretching’ – The Truth

"The limo scene is not something I’ve ever known much about, to be honest. Yes, we’ve all seen the stretched Lincoln town cars and super stretched Hummers on a Saturday night with assorted limbs of hen do participants "

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: A Mountain to Climb?


"8C, Disco Volante, the BAT cars, Giulia, GTA, Spider, 33 Stradale, Alfasud, and Arna (OK, perhaps not the last one). Thumb though Alfa Romeo’s rich and colourful catalogue of past models and you’ll find cars of automotive legend. Beautiful "

Matra: Sports Car Innovators


"Which company won the European F2 Championship, F1 World Championship (drivers and constructors), 24 Heures du Mans, the World Sportscar Championship, built its own racing V12 engine AND was involved in the production, first as a supplier then as a manufacturer, "

Barn Find Bikes


"Damp, dewy air suffocates against the corners of the building, whistling under doors and rattling against every exposed finger. The weather is sour – there’s no other word for it – but the view spread before us couldn’t be much "