FOCUS on Jamie Sheldrick


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Jamie Sheldrick With a background in landscape photography, Jamie Sheldrick's photos often give you more than simply a picture of a car - we chat to him about how he got into motorsport photography. "

Charlie Martin – what’s next?


"“It’s gone really really well. I’m really pleased with it.” That was the phrase that Charlie Martin used not once, but twice as she exclaims her joy at the way she has adapted to her first season in "

Schnitzer’s show stars

Cars Culture

"AC Schnitzer has been fettling, modifying and improving BMWs for over 30 years and if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to garner attention to its product range – wheels, styling, suspension and engine upgrades – it’s a swanky and dramatic "

Audi R8 RWS


"I’ve got to be a bit careful here because my usual unbiased, fair judgement is on the line. I absolutely adore this car and I’ve spent a fair bit of time in R8s this year now. Yeah, "

Donington Park’s 3 Best Kept Secrets

"If we were putting together the ultimate Petrolhead Pilgrimage list, then surely Donington Park would have to feature prominently. As Britain’s oldest racing circuit that’s still in use, Donington Park Race Circuit has seen its fair share of "

BMW Alpina B5


"Imagine the most graceful creature on earth. Watch it in your mind as it sways and dances through the summer’s sunshine and the winter’s rains. Every twist and turn is a piece of choreographed wonder. Every glimmer and "

Peugeot 106 Quiksilver

Cars Culture

"Your first car isn’t really meant to be anything special. It’s a runabout, a box, something just to get you mobile in the initial period after obtaining that most precious of things - a driving license. My friends "

Influx Social

Trans Europe Express


"The K1600 B isn’t like most cruisers; it isn’t even like most BMWs. Among the 35,000 visitors that have descended upon the picturesque town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen for annual BMW Motorrad Days, the black bagger garners plenty of attention as "

Rallycross: Oli Bennett Interview


"W. R. X. If you’re big into racing, those three letters stand for something special. Thrashing and bashing around the globe, the World Rallycross Championship pitches 600bhp hatchbacks against each other in short, sharp, multi-surface bouts. Blink and you’"

Jaguar F-Type


"My friends and family could tell some very interesting stories about me. I’ve often gotten myself into sticky situations. I’m an expert at hurting myself, I always seem to get lost, and I’m incredibly clumsy. I also "

Beautifully British: the Morris Minor turns 70


"In the four-wheeled world, 2018 is a notable year for ‘people’s cars’, those machines which sparked an affordable revolution. The original Fiat 'Nuova 500' may have been six decades old last year, but remarkably, the Volkswagen Beetle celebrates its eightieth "

FOCUS on Gary Parravani


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Gary Parravani From blagging a trip to Brands to where he is now, Gary Parravani tells us how he became a respected motorsport photographer. Influx: How did you get into photography?  Gary Parravani: "I’"

Helio Ascari


"The name Ascari is one of the most famous in motorsport. The surname of the legendary F1 champion of the 1950s still has global recognition. Today there is a new Ascari, a descendant of the unforgettable racing driver, Alberto. Helio, "